Custom made products

The terracotta most common profiles described before represent the current production of Palagio Engineering. They have been installed in many façades around the world. Because of both aesthetic and functional features the commonly manufactured profiles are the items on which to base our standard extrusion process.

Ventilated façades, sunscreens and soundscreens are unique products that require an individual study. Customisation is the everyday rule. Thanks to Palagio's experience we may organise some homogeneus family of terracotta products which helps architects and contractors in understanding Palagio's cladding offer. Palagio produces the entire façade, included the support structure needed by the façade or the screen to be assembled.


progettiOn the other hand Palagio Engineering owns thousands of profiles that have been produced for specific projects' needs. This experience allows Palagio to project, prototype and manufature an unlited range of shapes and alluminium structures. Palagio's range in a continous work in progress, allowing Architects to unchain creativity. So for Palagio is possible to make new cladding elements'shapes and the corresponding support structure according to every single project.
Palagio is specialized in the making of customized cladding elements and developed upon request and designed in collaboration between the Architect and Palagio Engineering technicians. Palagio's team is in charge of verifying the production and installation feasibilities and to study the most suitable solution.




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