From ‘early ’90s Palagio pursues the goal of going beyond, growing and innovate. 20 years of work leads to a strong technical and creative know-how.

Face to Architects Palagio translates the idea, the thought, the design  in a finished product, solid, real, and above all unique.

Palagio engineering is a highly structured company devoted to the study of forms and shapes which means a continous reserch.

Slabs are designed thinking about aesthetics, but also pointing on resistance as they are components of a functional system and structure, a set designed to ensure the highest standards of safety, durability and strength in both Ventilated facades and shading louvres in TerraCotta.


Palagio embodies the designer’s idea, working with raw material and making specific molds, slabs and structures creating new products specific to the project and its organization can provide a complete service, following the entire manufacturing process from the raw material to the installation of the finished product (where required), passing through all the steps and technical support to provide a successful result. The engineering of the system, shop drawing and bill of quantities, are the activities that we consider essential to ensure quality jobs.

Main services we offer are:

consulenzaAssistance to Designer in the design concept
Design of the standard or custom support structure for the cladding project
Making of standard tiles according to the projects' needs
Making of custom, unique tiles accordinf to the design concept
Designing of complete cladding systems and sunscreens
Mock up of bespoke terracotta pieces
Research on both natural colors and glazing
Pre-assembling of tiles and structure at Palagio facility
Assembling at building site ot the façade
Assistance at building site during installation

The knowledged gained in the design and installation of rainscreen and sunshades Cotto gave Palagio the opportunity to experiment with success, façades with other materials such as marble, aluminum, glass and ceramics. We pay particular attention to the design and manufacture of fastening systems and substructure engineered for the latest and most innovative materials.


Our technical staff assists the Architect from the initial stage until the completion of the project. It provides consultancy, studies feasibilities and supplies technical solutions according to the project specification, offering a complete service including field measurements, shop drawings of the building envelope as to the normative in force, preparation of cutting lists, structural calculation reports, instructions for installation and guidelines for the façade maintenance. The development of new solutions is always a challenge to us which can involve the design of new terracotta panels and finishes, new production processes and the realization of customized fixing systems. The Architect will find in Palagio Engineering the right partner to give form to his creativeness.


Fast and controlled installation with preassembled systems: a large area inside our plant has been equipped for the assembly of cladding components, such as individual louver bars, panels and even complete units. Partially or totally preassembled systems are increasingly used in order to reduce installation time at site and grant an accurate quality control of the product.


Is the last stage but not the least important for the realization of the outer coating. Experience may show that an incorrect implementation can nullify all the efforts made previously. For this we offer and we want to offer more of a package “turnkey” going from engineering to installation. Through skilled workers and specialized, and also guaranteed by the constant monitoring of the quality management system ISO 9001:2008, we offer installation in a workmanlike manner.


The acquired mastery in engineering and in installation of terracotta rainscreen and terracotta louver gives us the opportunity to work successfully also with other materials, such as marble, aluminum, glass and ceramic. Special attention is given to the study and processing of the fixing system of the secondary structure developed for the most recent and innovative cladding materials.





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